How to entertain friends and have fun with no money

The evolution of frugal. When the recession first started we reduced our expenses down to just our monthly cash flow - meaning we only spent what we had. Now it became cash only: spend nothing on charge cards – only debit cards. We entertained often, eating out and seeing movies with friends at least once per week. Our friends did the same circuit.

Well, we have our new commitments now to live life within our means. The food’s not bad but it’s getting a little boring not seeing my friends anymore.   It used to be that when we went to dinner and the movies with friends we also got to connect in person.  Sharing stories is so much easier in person.  And getting our weekly updates on each other’s lives just isn’t as personal when I type casual updates in my Facebook.

I want to share one choice of solutions I have found for connecting in person: Do Tell the Relationship game.   Now it's not the game itself that does it, it’s that the game is part of our evening when we now invite our friends over to the house.  Why?  Well, when we all used to go to the movies together, we had something to talk about after the movie when we stopped for a drink or coffee.  Like I never realized how much having something to talk about made the evening complete. Again, enter Do Tell the Relationship game.  I won’t go on anymore about the game, but in conclusion let me just add that it takes some thought set a space for everyone to connect and have fun with everyone, and Do Tell works for both my girlfriends and the guys. Matter of fact, guys also love to play Do Tell.