Seniors love to play Do Tell among themselves and visiting family

Seniors - Dose yourself with Do Tell® and get ready to laugh! It can be used for social activities or in a more intimate setting. Do Tell® will put the spring back in your step and the twinkle in your eye. You’ll feel younger and more positive. It can expose you to new ideas, concepts and philosophies that lead to stimulating discussions.

Are you older—but still young at heart? Would you enjoy making new friends, deepening old connections, laughing, learning and keeping your mind stimulated? Then write yourself a prescription for Do Tell®. It’s the perfect “medicine” that will help you feel better—without any negative side effects. The topics and tasks in this game will evoke memories, hopes, and dreams and encourage activity when you thought you just couldn’t “do” that anymore. You’ll find that you go beyond your self-imposed limits easily and effortlessly when you play Do Tell®.

In "Anatomy of an Illness", Norman Cousins writes about how laughter helped him personally deal with profound pain. Since then, scientists have determined that laughter does, in fact, relieve pain. It also creates endorphins—hormones that create a natural “high” and build up the body’s immune system.

Seniors deserve to feel as good as they can and to live life out loud…with Do Tell®.