Do Tell Game Promotion for College Students,
College Dorms and Sorority or Fraternity Use

Wow - something new... talking in person. Text is great, but actually taking time to be-together is something special. Do Tell creates a space for sharing and connecting with the lives and values of your fellow roommates, friends, sorority members and fraternity members. Do Tell Original version prompts you to talk, process and understand what makes other people tick.

Students play Do Tell as a qet aquainted game

Details in brief: Do Tell Enterprises is beginning a “Free Game Promotion Trial” for Colleges and College Students. This includes a Free Original Game sent to qualifying applicants for the UPS/postage price of $7.95. There are combined limits on the number of free games allowed in this promotion based upon School names, shipping addresses, and school size. Shipments made under this promotion are at the sole discretions of Do Tell Enterprises.

Why do we do this Promotion? Because we feel it's time for something that makes everyone feel good when they play it. Click here for details on the "Do Tell Difference" and why we're "the different fun game for students".

To Apply for this promotion, click “Contact Us” and provide us with your school information and UPS shipping information .

We will send to your email:

  • the Promotion Details
  • plus a link to the PayPal Secure Payment form or use your Credit Card
  • Do Tell never collects your Credit Card Data.
  • Secure Shipment will be made by our fulfillment center
  • UPS/FedEx tracking numbers will supplied upon shipment.

Click Here to Apply for our "Do Tell Free Games for College Students Promotion".

For more information, contact: Geoff LaPlace Reseller Channel Sales Manager 888-424-4430