video of family game night answering do question be a Flight attendant
Family game night teenager playing Do Tell
Mother playing board game on family game night
Video Seniors connect with grandchildren on Family Game night Video Dad roles models for kids on family game night with Do Tell
DO "Be a flight attendant."
RISK " Do something you would never be caught doing in public."
DO "Youve eaten too much ice cream and your brain is freezing." DO: Argue with yourself out loud. Seniors love Do Tell Family play. TELL: "How do you deal with conflict?"
Family game night video shows daughter getting connection with parents Family game night video shows dad connecting with daughters Dad role models at family game night playing do tell the relationship game Video Games seniors love to play to connect with family  
MIRROR Space with TELL Card
DO "Demonstrate what you do in an elevator if someone is really smelly."
TELL "How do you act around a family friend or relative you don't like?"
TELL Would you swap ten years of your life... Seniors connect across generations.