Professional Reviews of Do Tell Family version and Original version

Glitterfelt Do Tell Game ReviewerGlitterfelt Stories Shelby Barone LA/OC

It is different than an average board game like Monopoly or Chutes and Ladders.

This game is a family relationship game.

As we played the game we were curious about some of the questions. We quickly learned that it was really helping us talk with the kids about issues or concerns that normally would be hard to talk about. It addressed fighting, jealousy and complaining. All issues that we have been working on with the children.

After we were done playing the game we all felt so much closer. We had bonded and strengthened our relationships over a board game! It was nice and refreshing. The children told us that they could not wait until next week when we can play Do Tell together as a family again.

Games for Deaf Kids to play with familiesThis game can be used across cultures- such as if played in a home with deaf family members.

DO TELL® is a game with many layers… visually engaging. Lots of fun looking cards with discussion questions… very bright and well laid out board.

Unlike traditional board games, however, DO TELL is designed to get families to communicate and learn more about each other. As a psychologist- I really liked this aspect: “DO TELL is a game of discovery. Get current with your family and deepen bonds in the fun and unique ways. Specifically designed to laugh, learn, and related to each other across generations!”

Now here is what I realllllyyyy liked about DO TELL - it is a SMART game. This game makes you think about yourself, others and the whole family as a collective. There is a lot of problem solving in this game- which is a step up from the “WHAT IF” question and answer book I made my kids read with us. Also, this game requires some true academic skills- like reading, verbalSigning Families for the Deaf and Do Tell Games for the deaf expression and visual motor skills. AND.. drum roll… this Most importantly- everyone seemed to enjoy it! BRAVO to the creators of DO TELL! This game will bring enjoyment and enlightenment to families for generations to come! Article by: Louise Sattler, School Psychologist and founder of Signing Families for the deaf.


It's hard to imagine that your family could be more entertained playing a game other than this one. Even the box shouts excitement! …

The quality and the richness of the questions asked on the playing cards clearly reflects the time and thought that went into devising this most clever game. …

It's a game that can help your kids do better in school, too. That's because kids with good social-emotional skills tend to do better in all other areas of their lives.

Do Tell wins Kidlutions AwardThe Do Tell Game earns a coveted Kidlutions Preferred Product Award because it just exemplifies what social-emotional development is all about. The question cards (four whole boxes of them: Do, Tell, Wild and Risk) are ingenious at getting family members to open up, to talk and to delve into conversations that help them get to know each other better than they did before the game started. They also help family members to be silly, let go, step on the wild side and share a good belly laugh.

The questions are so well written, that they draw the reader in and make her really think about how she might respond or react to a given situation.

Connect with your Teens Jennifer Wagner MLS , JD

I highly recommend Do Tell, the family version board game to connecting with your teens and tweens. If your looking to connect with friends and other adults, there is also a Do Tell Original 16+ version for you to laugh, reveal and relate.

I love the fact that the cards have two options, so you don't have to tell or do something that you don't want to. The games helps family members get to know each other better, but provides fun at the same time.

Do Tell is specifically designed for families to laugh, learn and relate to each other across the generations.

Mommy Blog reviews Do Tell Family gameMommy Blog Experts Janis Brett Elspas

A simple premise: to enhance family communication and understanding. My 13 year-old son enjoyed this beyond measure.

He said, "I loved Do Tell because you really get to know your own family and find out stuff about them that you never knew before." With comments like that about this product, it is very clear to why this game recently snared the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award.

It's easy as a parent to forget that there are still some really good games out there that don't involve some sort of technology.

Do Tell produces quality time together that evolves into memories to last a life time, and encourages conversation between family members, especially parents and kids.

The ABCD Diaries Christin Banda

I love that this game not only brings families closer together by opening the lines of communication in a fun way, but also helps parents teach their kids important lessons and values. Also great for entertaining guests this holiday season!

This game is a really great teaching tool for parents, but don't be surprised if you learn a thing or two about your kiddos along the way.

Do Tell also addresses some really important issues that may otherwise get overlooked. Our kiddos are a little young to play by the full rules, but the questions were still appropriate and we actually learned a lot from one another while playing. The questions range from funny to of the kid's favorites was when I had to pretend to be a chicken laying an egg, and One of my favorites was when our 4 year old was asked what was the last nice thing she did for someone without being asked and how it made her feel.

ABCD Diaries gives DoTell an A+!

Its ok to be weird! “Sweet Mummy”

My husband and I have found it interesting to just play the game, and not to try to teach while playing … We learn a lot about ourselves, each other, and the children, obviously, during the game …We DO use those responses, or situations mentioned in the game, at different times, around the dinner table, while driving in the car, etc., to point out a lesson to each other or to the whole family and often to ask about what we can learn from the things we all said.

It's fun while still being meaningful and adding real value by helping us to see into the minds and hearts of the others… My oldest son has a flair for the dramatic, especially on the DO cards which usually require you to act out or show how you would respond in a certain situation.

We're looking forward to having the Grandparents come up in December and playing this game with them. I'm excited to recommend this game …looks great (bright colors, well-printed and easy to read cards, sturdy game pieces, etc.) and packages up nicely after it's been unpacked. What a concept, I know!

Single Parent Retreat Jaqui Stewart

Don’t see your family as much as you’d like? Wonder how they are really doing?... This is also a great way to ask your kids questions and get the honest answers that you want! …

The cards ask you questions that you can answer to help your friends gain a better insight to your thoughts!... I'd say, that is not only fun but also helps bring families closer.

I think this would be a great gift idea for anyone in the family! To buy it, you can visit Amazon for $29.95 for the family version and $34.95 for the Original Version… Order in food, pop on some good music and get ready for fun and laughter!

Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting Alicia Bayer

We got Do Tell for Families this morning in the mail, and by noon we were all playing it… a great way to connect with kids….

Twelve year-old Victoria immediately proclaimed, "Cool game" as we finished and seven year-old Jack shouted, "That was fun!". All five of us really enjoyed playing the game... and have already played again….

The cards asked interesting, thought-provoking (and discussion-generating) questions without getting too personal , and the actions were sometimes silly but not overly embarrassing…. The game took the five of us under a half an hour to play each time, with us rolling with two dice.

Grace review Do Tell gamesGiveaways with Grace Grace Matthews, BS Education

We never stopped laughing! I was worried at first that I wouldn't be able to get my husband to play, because he is often to cool for games like this, but we convinced him to play with us and had a blast!

Do Tell was the perfect game choice for my family. I think our favorite cards were the Do cards, because you have to perform an action which is pretty hysterical.

The Tell cards were good too, because my kids had to share their feelings about things and I felt like it helped me get closer to them, especially my teenager.

It's a great game for you to connect with your kids and your spouse. We popped some popcorn and played this game for hours. It's just what we needed to relieve some stress before the holidays.

WritRams Jacqueline Wilson

“…we are all about games–especially when we have a friend or family gathering… Do Tell party games will quickly become your family gathering favorites….

The unique thing about both of these games is that they are a great balance of communication and action, so you never get bored. With some communication games, you start to feel that forced “over-sharing” uncomfortableness after playing for a while. However, with the action-packed Do Tell games, there’s never a chance to feel this way….

One my favorite parts of the family version is the “Mirror” square on the board. When a player lands on the “Mirror” square, they pick a card and read the topic aloud. All of the other players write down how they think the reader will answer. Each player who matches the reader’s response moves ahead two. This part makes for some interesting fun and great laughs!...