Would you like to sell Do Tell games at your home parties?

If so you may qualify for the Do Tell Home Party Promotional Program.

  • We Offer:
    • Sample games shipped directly to your home or office at discounted rates
    • An attractive resale program where you can buy games at reduced prices and give or sell them at your parties
    • An attractive pre-order plan that allows you to take orders at your parties and we ship them directly to your people’s homes.

Sound good? Here's how to apply:

Simply phone 888-424-4430 and leave your contact information and good time to call. OR Fill out this Contact Form and we will call you with details.

  • Qualifying for offer:
    • Must be interviewed by Do Tell staff to complete enrollment
    • Must sign Do Tell resale agreement
    • Must NOT offer games for sale on the internet
    • Must agree to let their name be used on our website
    • If California Resident must either pay sales tax or provide resale certificate

Offer Details, Eligibility and Exclusions

This promotion is not available to all groups or the general public. Do Tell Enterprises solicits and makes this offer to groups it feels could be eligible to take advantage of this offer. Consideration of individuals or groups who may qualify to receive games through this offer is at the sole discretion of Do Tell Enterprises. Groups and individuals who continue to receive games under this offer are at the sole discretion of Do Tell Enterprises. The individuals or groups who accept this offer by Do Tell Enterprises agree to abide by the conditions of this offer. Do Tell Enterprises reseves the rights list the name of the group or individual on its web site and in promotional materials.