Why play Do Tell? So you can have a whole lot of fun and to get to know yourself and the other players better. Do Tell was created to help people feel connected to one another and it works!

What makes this game different? It's much more than a game. The gameplay creates a safe and fun environment for people to share who they really are in unique and fun ways.

There are two versions. What's the difference? The Original version is the ultimate party game or icebreaker, and is perfect for singles, couples and groups. This version can be played two different ways: the PG version for ages 16+ or, to make it the more mature R rated version, Risk Spicy Cards may be added.

Our Family version is ideal for family members always on the go, whether it’s mom, dad and the kids, or related adults who don’t get to spend quality time together. The content and look are completely different than the Orignal game. These cards were crafted specifically with families in mind. Our intention is to offer you something that changes ordinary family time to quality family time. We made sure that each card could be played by anyone who was eight or eighty-eight.

How many people can play? There are eight player tokens included. However, you can get creative and make teams so more than eight can play. At parties or family gatherings, people can rotate in and out at will. That’s because this game is not really about winning, it’s about playing.

How do you win? Perfect question! You win by playing. And the winner is the person who reaches the Sun in the Center of the spiral first.

How long does it take? It depends on how many players there are and the roll of the dice. Two players can finish in as little as 20 minutes. If there are more players and there is no hurry, the game can last for as long as you want.

Can we make up our own rules? Yes, and we'd love to hear about the rules you come up with. We want you to have fun with this game and to get creative with it.

How can we host our own Do Tell party? It’s pretty simple. Invite some people, either ones you know or not. We usually plan a potluck and have everyone bring something. We eat and get to know each other the “normal” way first. Then we clear off the table, set up Do Tell and play like crazy. Be prepared for people to hang out longer because the feeling they have of friendship and connection can be very strong

Can we put our videos on your website? Yes, and we’re excited to see them. To upload your own videos, click on “Contact” and you will find the upload link and information.

Are you open to suggestions about cards or other ideas? Absolutely! We have grown from a community of people with great ideas and suggestions. This game would not have come to be without lots of great energy from many wonderful people. If you have suggestions, ideas or feedback, please click on the “Contact button on our Company page or any of our video pages.