Leigh Ann - Do Tell Video Analyst and Commentator

Leigh Ann loves sharing Do Tell among her friends and colleagues and believes the world can be a better place by all of us just getting to know each other a little better. After all, isn’t why we are all here on this small planet to make and the world a better place for everyone and have fun while we’re doing it. For those of you who click on our company pages and see all of our people who help bring this game to you, we just want to share our smiles and hope happiness is contagious. Leigh Ann speaks her heart and mind in her videos, please share your feedback. When Leigh Ann’s in the Do Tell studios it turns into a special place where we are all reminded that “game companies are fun”. These are pictures of Geoff and Kathy taking a little break from the creation process on a sunny day at work. We hope you, your friends, and your family all enjoy the playing of Do Tell as much as we have in creating it.

Leigh Ann also works closely with Geoff & Kathy in creating new scripts and in bringing Do Tell to more people thru better video communication and commentary.