Oliver - Video shoot "Best Boy" & Actor

Oliver joined our studios late last year. He originally signed on with the film crew as a helper and before we knew it he had worked his up to Best Boy. On one of our last shoots we needed a stand-in for a dramatic scene in an automobile leaving the train station in Zurich.

Oliver surprised us all with this depth of character acting. He brought the crew to tears. Back in San Francisco he was on set coordinating scripts and generally being the director’s right hand man, Best Boy is what they used to call it, and then we had a chance to add him into the dramatic closing scene of Leigh Ann talks Do Tell Family.

At left is Oliver in recent video of him leaving his lover at hotel in the Mediteranean. As the car speeds away his face expresses the loss he is just beginning to experience. Another heartfelt moment superbly acted by Oliver.

Need we say more, he certainly has ‘raised the bar’ for all of us on the set and we look forward to working with him again.