Do Tell Family Version is the best way to get family help now.

Better communication and relatiohsip building can go a long way in helping your family unify and get on the same page.

Families need help nowadays to connect with each other. There’s no end to the challenges parents face in the 21st century. Now more than ever, the demand for your time and attention is in constant competition with so many facets of modern day life. While the amount of time moms and dads are spending with children is on the upswing, building in quality can be a real struggle. Estimates reflect that the average parent typically spends less than 6 minutes per day engaging in meaningful conversation with their kids.

If finding time to unplug from the world and connect as a family is feeling like an uphill battle, the answer to your struggles may only be a game way.  Enter the fantastically entertaining, often hilarious and immensely engaging Do Tell Game.  Unlike other board games, Do Tell takes the unique approach of combining the power of playfulness, humor and insight to create a family experience that strengthens relationships and builds families from the inside out.

This game will give you a one of a kind opportunity to better understand your children’s perspectives on a wide range of important topics such as personal values, ethical dilemmas, self-image and family issues. If family building, fun and deepening your relationships with your family are what you’re interested in, you’ll be happy to have found our games.

They are the hilarious games of connection that kids and grown-ups love. Give our games a shot. Playing for 45-60 minutes will turn your family around in a positive way you didn’t even know was possible. You’ll find that family help can be fun and creative.