Do Tell Family Version & Do Tell for Grown-ups are the best tools for Relationship Help.

All folks need relationship help from time to time. Whether you’re a grown-up or a kid, sometimes you simply have questions with no answers. The task at hand is how to get the help you need?

We have a suggestion: Try one of our games. Keep reading and you’ll see why.
Rebecca Connor, LMFT, says, “Initially I wanted to use Do Tell as a game to help couples communicate on deeper levels and have fun while doing so. As I played it with my husband, and then with friends and family, I realized that I loved it myself. It teaches communication without excessive struggle and difficulty and helps people, including myself, remember that connecting with others is a creative and truly satisfying journey.”

Do Tell is a SMART game. As far as families go, our game makes you think about yourself, others and the whole family as a collective. There is a lot of problem solving and creativity in this game.

This game requires some true academic skills- like reading, verbal expression and visual motor skills. AND.. drum roll… this Most importantly- kids and adults enjoy it! This game will bring enjoyment and enlightenment to families for generations to come!

Playing Do Tell turns personal growth into a fun filled game. Seriously! It provides, like all good therapy, a space for self-discovery where risk and self-revelation can be easily modulated as the player builds trust and self-acceptance. Consider suggesting it to your clients, or playing it yourself!

Whether you’re trying to get some relationship help with your friends, partners, or other grown ups or your family, Do Tell could just be the answer you’ve been looking for.